Triumphlaser offer you the machine directly,Compared to those traders,You can save a lot of money to buy the same quality machine.If you have any questions we can also free proofing for you.


You do not have to worry about finding us even after many years.In the field of laser machine, the company will continue to develop,You can always get technical support from us.This is a very important point for you, because it gives you a sense of security


Become our customers you are lucky,You can learn from the laser machine to a very skilled operation of the machine.We have many ways to help you use the machine,Professional technical engineers will always serve for you when you need help.



If you have special customization requirements, Triumphlaser can help you achieve it

About Triumphlaser

Since 2003,Shenzhen triumph industrial co.,LTD has been as trading company.In 2007,we absorted hi-tech telants and input huge funds for laser research.From then we started to manufacture laser machines which range covers:DP Semiconductor Side-pumped Laser Marking Machine series, YAG Metal Laser Marking Machine series, CO2 Non-metal High-speed Laser Marking Machine series, FM Fiber Laser Marking Machine series, , CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine series for trademark, High Precision Screw Laser Cutting Machine series for touch screen, CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine series for organic glass, CCD Full-automatic Positioning Cutting Machine series, CO2 Double-end

High-speed Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine series, CO2 Single-end High-speed Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine series, CO2 High-power Laser Mould Cutting Machine series and laser machine series for special industries.The products of the company are applied to numerous industries such as the electronic industry, electrical equipment industry, watch industry, hardware industry, car accessories industry, clothing and leather industry, wood industry, organic glass industry, plastic industry, industrial detonator industry, tobacco industry, external packing industry for medicine and foods, and cosmetic and medical industry.

Relying on the manufacturing technology and management, Triumphlaser has been consistently performing technological innovation and production improvement.And we stand out in this field and would like to share mutual benefits with our customers and friends from all over the world.

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