Anodized Aluminum

Suitable materials for laser engraving and laser marking include:Anodized aluminum,Natural anodized aluminum,Anodized layers in all colors.Depending on the requirements and application, anodized aluminum can be engraved or marked.

Lasers are a great way to create engravings and markings on anodized aluminum. Depending on the color of the layer, a CO2 laser produces great contrast and a nice, bright engraving, and a fiber laser is a highly effective way to mark anodized aluminum. The MOPA laser can also be used for markings in different shades of gray up to a rich black. The surface is not stripped in the process. The result is comparable to the annealing marking on steel. Used on natural anodized aluminum, in particular, a MOPA laser creates a clearly legible, high-quality marking, that can be applied to smartphones and other items.

Anodized Aluminum Samples

Examples of laser marking and engraving aluminum

Typical applications for laser marking anodized aluminum include high-quality smartphones, promotional items such as ballpoint pens and USB sticks, and industrial applications such as data plates or casings in many other industries.


Promotional items




Gifts industry


Tool manufacturing


Mechanical engineering


Sheet metal processing


Electronics industry


Education industry

What is the point of buying a laser for the laser engraving and laser marking of anodized aluminum?

Fast, flexible and variable marking of anodized aluminum
With the laser, you have countless options for marking anodized aluminum. Depending on the batch size or number of units, you can find the ideal flatbed system or fiber laser to meet your requirements. The laser is also very flexible in marking all types of content such as serial numbers, data matrix codes or other variable content. Not only can you engrave anodized aluminum (which removes the anodized layer), you can also produce black markings on the anodized layer. Natural anodized aluminum, in particular, can be marked in all different shades of gray to a rich black.

Function and advantages of laser technology

Black marking of anodized aluminum
  • High-quality, qualitative markings that increase the value of your products.
  • No removal of the anodized layer and therefore no damage to the surface.
Cost-efficient production
  • Direct marking means no costs for supplies such as inks, chemicals, pastes or sprays
  • The need to handle and dispose of these materials (which is often very expensive) is also eliminated
  • No pre- and post-treatment is required
Flexible, dynamic data can be marked
  • Different markings with dynamic content possible without refitting or changing tools
Create precise markings
  • Precise and very small geometries can be marked with high accuracy
  • Marking processes can be combined

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