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Unsupported operating system

If your laser marking software prompts unsupported operating system,You can follow the method below to solve. Step1.Click the right mouse button,choose"properties" Step2:Compatibility-run this program in compatibility mode for windows xp---ok Now you can open the...

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Laser marking plastic

Laser marking plastic direct Part Marking offers several advantages over competing technologies. These advantages are in the areas ranging from quality to cost-of-ownership, including: Advantages – Laser marking plastic: Permanence – With laser marking, the material...

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Tips for laser marking systems

Need A Laser marking Systems? Whether that need is for company branding or to meet industrial and government regulations, manufactures are using laser marking systems to mark and engrave permanent identification on their metal and plastic parts. Permanent...

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Tips for laser cutting wood

Here is some questions about laser cutting wood Does the wood burn during laser cutting ? Yes. Wood lasering is a sublimation process. However, this is not bad and very often actually desirable. Accurate focusing, selection of the appropriate parameters, use of...

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